BIS Cumpulsory Registration Schemes (BCRS)

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The mandated electronics and information technologies goods shall be labelled as "Self declaration - Confirming to IS (Standards No.)"before they are placed in the Indian market after obtaining registration from BIS.

BIS Check List

  • List of critical components
  • User Manual
  • Schematic diagram
  • PCB layout

Application Guidelines

There are several rules and regulations worthy to be considered as applicant for this registration scheme. These include:

Producers of thirty specific products mentioned in Compulsory Registration order ( notified in 03.10.2012 and 14.11.2014 notified by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology).Manufacturers of such products situated in or outside India can apply for this registration under Compulsory Registration Scheme.

Manufacturing applicant should submit application for registration number of products produced in different locations and also for brands manufactured in same location.

Steps of Registration procedure include:

  • The applicant organization should apply online to register itself for BIS.
  • Laboratory test reports that are in sync with BIS specifications for Compulsory Registration Scheme needs to be provided.
  • Manufacturing organizations located abroad should appoint Authorized Indian Representative in case these do not have any branch office in India or liaison officer.
  • Hard copy of application form needs to be submitted within 15 days from online submission of application.
  • The applicant should comply with all the queries raised by the BIS during its online application verification process.
  • The applicant organization will be held responsible for delaying of registration process in case it does not provide query response on time or if the application form is found to be incomplete.
  • Registration by BIS will be granted only when the raised queries are resolved and the application is submitted properly. The approval letter for registration will appear on the portal of the applicant.
  • The applicant will be provided registration for 24 months and it can be renewed after completion of every 2 years.