Electrical and Electronic Testing Service

QC Tailored for the Electrical and Electronic Industry

Every year, hundreds of consumer electrical and electronic goods get recalled, dealing serious reputational and financial damages to brands and retailers. The most common causes of recalls are safety-related, including overheating, electric shock and explosion. In most cases, these faulty products can be traced to low-cost manufacturing destinations.

OQ's physical, mechanical and laboratory tests will help your electrical and electronic products meet the requirements of your destination market and international safety standards. Rely on our electrics and electronics product testing expertise to secure your brand image and consumer loyalty.

Electrics and Electronics Inspection Expertise

OQ on site inspections offers a number of physical and mechanical tests to check the safety, quality and performance characteristics of your electrical and electronic devices:

  • Hipot test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Power cord pull test
  • Stability test
  • Power consumption test
  • Motor rotation speed measurement
  • Internal construction review
  • Working current/voltage check
  • Noise level measurement
  • Waterproof test
  • Product parameter check
  • Product function/performance test
  • Workmanship review
  • Frequency checking
  • Working distance for wireless device
  • Frequency response test for speaker and microphone
  • Impedance check
  • Signal-to-noise ratio

Why AI for Product and Supplier Compliance?

The AI Benefits

  • Supply chain intelligence: get supplier and quality stats in real time
  • Industry leading turnaround time for audits, testing and inspections
  • Online and mobile: manage your orders and access your data anywhere, any time
  • All-inclusive pricing: flat rates for inspections and audits; instant quotes for testing
  • 1,500 auditors and inspectors, 3 in-house labs and operations in 85 countries