HR Audits & Diagnostics

HR Audits & Diagnostics
HR department is equally responsible as other departments in the success of any organization. An effective HR Department has become a necessity in competitive business environment. This department improves morale, improves productivity & efficiency and statutory compliances, if it handles HR Services efficiently. Their performance can be evaluated by conducting an audit. In the HR audit, HR policies are analyzed and evaluated, plus the level of relevance of these policies with the organization's strategy. In the audit, following key areas are reviewed:
  • HR function
  • HR strategic direction
  • HR structure and resources
  • HR systems and procedures
  • HR contribution to organization

There are diagnostic tools for measuring the performance of HR department against the expectations of the organization.

Under HR Audits & Diagnostics service, professionals examine every system, process and efficiency of organization throughout the employee lifecycle. The experts can help organization to adapt new technologies and create a plan for the short-term as well as long-term success. They help organization to hire and retain only the best.