BIS Cumpulsory Registration Schemes (CRS)


(What is Bureau of Indian Standards BIS?)

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of consumer goods. There are sixty three Electronics and IT Goods, five Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components (notified by Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy), and eight Low – Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear (notified by Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises) under ‘Compulsory Registration Scheme’ for Self Declaration of conformity-Notified by Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology - Govt. of India, which should mandatorily be marked with BIS Standard Safety mark before they are manufactured, imported or sold in the Indian market.

How to get BIS Certified in India?

The Bureau of Indian Standards Certification is granted by BIS office after successful safety testing of the product as per notified Indian Standard and furnishing of necessary documents.

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Important Information about BIS Certification

Below is given the List of 76 products categories that are identified by, Government of India: 63 (sixty three) goods categories notified by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), 5 (five) goods categories notified by Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), and 8 (eight) goods categories notified by Ministry Of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises (MHIPE) which requires BIS Certification registration under compulsory registration scheme of Bureau of Indian Standards and is applicable to all Domestic as well as Foreign Manufacturers: Know More

The procedures of BIS Certification are divided in 7 Stages: Know More
The cost and timeline of BIS Registration for Electronics and IT Products is given here, click here to Know More
The Certification cost and timeline for PV Modules under BIS Cumpulsory Registration Scheme is given here, click here to Know More

The list of required documents for BIS Certification: Know More

In one application for BIS registration, maximum 10 similar models (series prototypes) of a single brand are allowed to be processed collectively on condition that all prototypes fall in series parameters. Merely Set Top Box are allowed to have different brands of 10 series models in a single BIS Certification application. Know More

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) does not issue BIS Certificate to Importers or Traders, BIS Certificate is issued only to manufacturing factory unit (the manufacturing applicant). Click here to Know More

If the manufacturer is manufacturing or importing the product that are demarcated under BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme List and your product meets the following conditions, to know more please click here: Know More

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) makes it mandatory to have only the specified type of Business License as an eligibility parameter to be able to obtain a BIS Certification License. To view the complete list of the types of businesses, please click here: Know More Know More

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it compulsory for every product to have distinct marking label which cannot be erased, removed and scratched by common rubs or efforts, click here to Know More

Every Manufacturer must put the BIS Logo on all products and packaging after receiving the BIS Certification Number for his/her particular product (prototype). Here is given the complete guidelines for affixing BIS logo on product, Click here to Know More

As per Bureau of Indian Standards' Sample Testing Return Policy, the applicant (manufacturer) must take the tested sample back after 3 months and before 4 months from the date of issuance of product test report, click here to Know More Know More

The Sample of BIS Registration Certificate format is given here, please click here to: View

The valid of BIS Registration Certificate is for 2 years and the manufacturer can renew afterward. Some documents along with the renewal fee shall be required to get the certificate renewed, click her to Know More

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