CCOE Certification

CCOE Certification
PESO Approval

We have with us many competent experts whose combined expertise enables us to provide assigned PESO Approval Services in a time bound manner.

PEPSO is the approved organization assuring reliability & safety related to the manufacture, export, import, marketing, relocation, procurement & application of various compressed gases, petroleum based products and other flammable products. It is PEPSO that generates SMPV (U) 1981 and Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 norms. As a qualified expert, we have been certified and authorized by PEPSO under 12(2), 18 and 19 regulations for providing the following:

Design approval:

Engaged in the verification procedure during any kind of repairing or production work of unfired pressure vessels (UPVs)

Providing requisite certificates

We have competency in offering verification services and can provide certification in consonance with the standards underlined by PEPSO and other codes of construction, including API, ASME, EN, IS, among others. These are provided for a wide range of assets that include:

Chlorine transportation cylinders or chlorine tonners

Cryogenic vessels & tanks (both for stationary installation and transportable requirements)

  • Horton spheres
  • LPG storage tanks
  • LNG storage tanks
  • Safety & relief valves
  • Vessels