CCOE PESO Certification Service

CCOE Certification

Located in New Delhi, India, we are instrumental in accrediting CCOE CertificationĀ in order to ensure safety and security of public as well as property against fire since our establishment in 1898. The job of CCOE CertificationĀ involves lot of physical as well as mental effort that may sometimes prove to be tiresome for the professionals engaged in it. Hard work is needed for successful completion of this job right from submission of documents to final execution of actual certification procedure. As a customer oriented organization, we assure our clients about on time clearance of applied certification in a coherent manner. We guarantee our clients regarding maintenance of standard quality of provided services.

PESO Approval

Our dedicated and competent professionals enable us to complete assigned PESO Approval Services with success.

PEPSO serves as an authorized organization to guarantee safety regarding import, relocation, production, export, marketing, purchasing and application of compressed gases, petroleum based products and flammable products by generating SMPV (U) 1981 and Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 norms. We are certified by PEPSO under 12(2), 18 and 19 regulations to execute:

Design approval :
  • Conducting detail verification procedure while repairing or producing UPV or unfired pressure vessel
  • Providing certificates by involving qualified and skilled professionals

We have required domain knowledge in the arena of verification and certification as per the standards of PEPSO and other codes of construction that include EN, ASME,IS, API and so on for different types of assets that cover:
  • Chlorine transportation cylinders (chlorine tonners).
  • LNG storage tanks
  • Cryogenic vessels and tanks for stationary installations and transportable use
  • Safety and relief valves
  • Vessels, LPG storage tanks, Horton spheres