BEE Registration

(Electrical & Electronics Products under BEE)

Introduction to BEE

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was set up by the Government of India on 1st March 2002 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. It is an agency constituted under the Ministry of Power, Government of India. The primary objective of BEE India is to reduce energy intensity of the Indian economy and cost saving. The Government has made it mandatory for some notified products to have star ratings and labels which specify the energy saving performance of the product and help the customers in making the perfect choice before purchasing any such product. A higher star rating represents higher energy saving.

How to get (BEE) Registration in India?

The manufacturer(s) have to apply for BEE Certification and complete the product testing and documentation required by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to get the product certified with BEE Star Rating.

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Important Information about BEE Registration

BEE Certifiacation Frequently Asked Questions

1. How would manufacturer get login id and password for new portal or same user id and password will be used?

Ans. Login with old user id and password then update your profile and fill correct email id for contact person’s email id field, you will get the new login details on contact person’s email id. Make sure you are entering the correct email id.

2. After editing profile manufacturer got email regarding verification why it is necessary?

Ans. Manufacturer has to verify the email id entered by him by clicking the provided link or else manufacturer will not get new login credentials. This is to make sure the email id you have entered is correct. As BEE would be communicate all future activities regarding S&L through this email id only.

3. While editing profile can manufacturer change company name.

Ans. No, manufacturer will not be allowed to change company name, brand name, and equipment name rest he can change.

4. What if manufacturer didn’t have any email regarding login credentials?

Ans. Manufacturer has not provided correct email id or manufacturer has not verified his email id.

5. After login with new user id and password it says to change password, what if manufacturer don’t want to change it at that time.

Ans. Manufacturer need to change password after first login as the password is auto generated and manufacturer has to create a new one.

6. Is manufacturer has to pay registration fee again?

Ans. No, manufacturer has already paid registration fee, so he can go into his dashboard and prepare submit applications. If in any case system is asking for registration fee kindly email to helpdesk with the details.

7. After login to new portal manufacturer is getting a message “your company documents are on hold” why it’s coming?

Ans. After migrating to new portal manufacturer will get a grace period of 15 days for any activities on the new portal, however after that if the documents are not verified the portal has been blocked for further activities till the documents get verified by BEE.

8. How manufacturer can change the email id?

Ans. If the manufacturer already got his user credentials, then manufacturer can login to his portal can change his email id by edit profile option. However if he is still in registration process he can change the email id by searching the reference id from login page and then can edit his email id.

9. Why it’s showing message your portal is blocked?

Ans. There are three cases where your portal can be blocked:

a) If your company documents are expired, you need to upload new documents.

b) If you have not uploaded all quarterly data of current financial year for the previous quarter.

c) Or your documents are put on hold by BEE.

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