During Production Check Service

What is a During Production Check (DUPRO)?

The procedure of During Production Check (DUPRO) is executed after completion of 20% to 80% of production work and when goods are packed for delivery. This inspection method includes verification of products on the basis of casual selection of goods from finished batch. This checking procedure enables customers to assess whether the factory or production unit is meeting specified product standards or not. It also assists clients in comprehending current status of production. In short, DUPRO makes customers aware about production process and helps to avert import risk of $309 USD.

DUPRO is conducted on site after completion of at least 20% to 80% production. It is considered as an important part of quality checking procedure. This type of checking method enables any organization to implement corrective measurement at very early stage of production to avoid loss. The inspection is done on randomly chosen units from the batches of goods that are ready for shipping. Global standard of inspection method is followed during execution of statistical sampling method. Importance is given on checking parameters like performance, design, utility, quantity, packaging and labeling standard, workmanship, production capacity and diameter of products. Inspection personnel also recommend appropriate measurement that needs to be followed to avoid defects in production. Providing checking reports on time is an important part of this procedure.


  • DUPRO enables any organization to determine any complication during early stage of production.
  • It enables production unit to regulate production schedule in a systematic manner.
  • Financial loss can be averted if production inspection is conducted in proper time.
  • It also helps to improve product quality.
  • Customer satisfaction is another criterion that DUPRO helps to achieve. It promotes on time productivity without affecting
  • product quality.


The inspection personnel verify several factors during DUPRO. These include:

  • Status of production is compared with planned production status to determine any discrepancy.
  • Quality of semi finished and finished product is compared.
  • Checking is conducted to verify whether finished products are in sync with predefined specifications of customers or not.
  • Scrutinization of marking, packaging and labeling of products
  • Adhesive test and carton drop test are some important parts of this procedure
  • Production rate of specific product is evaluated during this time.

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