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Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production inspection (PPI) is a quality control process that involves the examination of samples of products, materials, or components during the early stages of production.

During Production Inspection

During production inspection (DPI) is a type of quality control process that involves monitoring and inspecting products while they are being manufactured to reduce the risk of defects.

Final Random Inspection

Final Random Inspection (FRI) is a type of quality control process that involves inspecting a random sample of finished products before they are shipped or delivered to the customer to fulfill their needs.

Third Party Inspection Services (TPI)

Third Party Inspection Services (TPI) - Providing Quality Assurance and Peace of Mind


At our TPI agency, we boast a team of seasoned and skilled inspectors with unwavering dedication to upholding product quality and conformity. Our mission revolves around delivering impartial and reliable inspection services tailored to meet the unique requirements of our esteemed clients. We take pride in ensuring that their products adhere to the agreed-upon specifications and industry standards.

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and expertise spanning various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and engineering. We are committed to offering top-notch services, leveraging cutting-edge inspection technology, and adhering to international standards.

Whether you are an importer, buyer, or manufacturer, our third-party inspection services guarantee peace of mind and instill confidence in the quality of your products. Count on us to provide meticulous scrutiny, meticulous reporting, and unparalleled support to ensure your products meet and exceed the desired standards. Trust our TPI services to safeguard your interests and foster trust in your business relationships.

Purpose of Quality Inspection: Ensuring Product Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI): The purpose of a Pre-Production Inspection is to meticulously verify that the manufacturer's production methods, materials, and samples align with the agreed specifications, drawings, and standards before the commencement of mass production. By conducting PPI, potential issues can be identified and addressed early in the production process, minimizing the risk of defects, rework, and unnecessary resource wastage. PPI sets the foundation for a smooth and successful production run.

During Production Inspection (DPI): The purpose of a During Production Inspection is to continuously monitor and assess products during the manufacturing process to ensure strict adherence to the agreed specifications and standards. DPI aims to promptly identify and address any quality issues that may arise, ensuring corrective actions are taken promptly to maintain product integrity and consistency.

Final Random Inspection (FRI): The purpose of a Final Random Inspection is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the final product, verifying that it meets the predetermined specifications and standards. FRI acts as a final checkpoint to identify any defects or non-conformances that might have occurred throughout the production process. By performing FRI, manufacturers can ensure that only high-quality products are delivered to customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Container Loading Inspection (CLI): Container Loading Inspection is a crucial quality control process that involves meticulous verification and inspection of products, materials, or components before they are loaded into shipping containers for transportation. CLI ensures that the correct products, quantities, and quality are securely loaded, reducing the risk of damage, loss, or shipping discrepancies. By conducting CLI, companies can maintain consistency in product quality and minimize transit-related issues, ensuring customer satisfaction upon receipt.

Through our comprehensive quality inspection services, we are committed to promoting product compliance, mitigating risks, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Trust us to safeguard your business interests and deliver impeccable products that meet the highest standards.

How to Obtain Inspection Certification for Quality Services

At Ornate Quality Services, we take pride in providing authentic and reliable quality inspection services, ensuring products, facilities, and processes meet the highest standards of excellence. To obtain Inspection Certification and showcase our commitment to quality, we follow a rigorous process and maintain the highest level of professionalism:

Highly Trained Inspectors: Our team consists of highly trained and experienced inspectors equipped with the latest technology and techniques to deliver accurate and reliable evaluations.

Comprehensive Quality Inspection Services: Our inspection services encompass various aspects:

  • Product Inspection: Thoroughly inspecting products during the production process to meet required quality standards.
  • Facility Inspection: Evaluating facilities and processes to verify adherence to necessary quality standards and regulations.
  • Process Inspection: Inspecting production processes to identify and address any quality issues, ensuring consistent and high-quality output.
  • Final Inspection: Conducting a final inspection before shipment to confirm products meet required quality standards.
  • Diverse Product Range: Our experienced inspectors specialize in identifying non-standard or non-compliant components and materials across various consumer goods, including clothes, toys, cosmetics, and food products.

    Plant Facility Support: We extend our services to support life management of plant facilities, including power plants and oil refineries, by conducting inspections and testing to ensure safe and reliable operations.

    Third-Party Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Process - Ensuring Quality and Compliance

    What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)?

    Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services are a crucial assessment of goods before they are dispatched, aimed at ensuring they adhere to specified quality standards and requirements. Typically performed during the final stages of production and before packaging, PSI serves four key objectives:

  • Confirming quantity, quality, and specifications of goods.
  • Ensuring compliance with agreed-upon standards and requirements.
  • Identifying and addressing any defects or non-conformities prior to shipment.
  • Verifying proper packaging to prevent transit damage.

  • Ornate Inspection's PSI Methodology

    As a renowned quality control organization, Ornate Inspection employs the statistical sampling method of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) for conducting comprehensive pre-shipment inspections. Our inspection methodology covers parameters like dimension, life span, practicality, efficiency, and overall appearance. We are adept at providing PSI services regulated by standards such as efficiency, longevity, practicality, dimension, and general appearance, as specified in documentary credits.

    Expertise in Pre-Shipment Inspection

    Our team of expert inspectors possesses extensive knowledge and experience in conducting Pre-Shipment Inspections across various industries. They have a profound understanding of the products being inspected, including technical specifications, quality requirements, and manufacturing processes. We utilize specialized equipment and testing procedures to meticulously evaluate products, ensuring they meet the required standards before shipment. With our expertise in pre-shipment inspection, you can be assured that your goods are in safe and capable hands.

    Why Get a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

    Getting a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) conducted independently by a third-party holds significant advantages, guaranteeing order fulfilment and minimizing risks in international business endeavors. The global business domain offers tremendous growth potential, but it also entails inherent risks. To safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth business process, careful consideration must be given to meeting client-specified criteria, particularly when dealing with foreign suppliers. An error in order fulfilment can lead to significant business losses.

    Key Benefits of Pre-Shipment Inspection:

    Ensuring Order Completion: PSI verifies the completion of your customer's order before the final delivery of any product. This process acts as a vital quality check, preventing any discrepancies that may arise during production or packaging.

    Quality Assurance: By inspecting products at the production unit, PSI helps you identify and reject faulty or distorted items. This ensures that you do not make payments for substandard products, safeguarding your investment and reputation.

    Compliance with Specifications: PSI confirms whether the supplier has provided goods as per the specified details. This step is crucial in international trade, where adherence to quality standards and customer requirements is paramount.

    Risk Mitigation: Adopting a Pre-Shipment Inspection strategy helps you avoid complications associated with the import of goods. By detecting defects or non-conformities before shipment, you can address issues proactively, reducing the risk of costly returns or disputes with suppliers.

    Protecting Brand Image: PSI prevents the exchange of dispatched goods, protecting your brand image and customer trust. By delivering high-quality products that meet customer expectations, you build a reputation for reliability and excellence.

    Why Choose Ornate Inspection for Quality Control Services

    At Ornate Inspection, we pride ourselves on being a trusted provider of comprehensive quality control services. Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

    1. Competitive Pricing and Full Coverage: Our pricing structure is designed to cover all elements of the inspection process, ensuring transparency and no hidden costs. You can trust us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

    2. Quick Response and Efficient Service: Our qualified inspection personnel will be dispatched to your site within two days of ordering our services. We understand the importance of timely inspections, and we strive to meet your deadlines. Audit reports are promptly provided on the same day as the site visit.

    3. Convenient Online Scheduling: We offer online scheduling services, allowing you to easily plan and manage your inspections. With a free account, you can schedule inspections, make secure payments, and receive electronic inspection reports hassle-free.

    4. Licensed and Certified: As an autonomous quality-checking organization, we possess the necessary licenses and certifications to operate with credibility and integrity. Rest assured that our services adhere to global business standards, helping to protect the brand image of your products.

    5. Seamless Online Process Management: Our aim is to streamline your quality control process. We provide support for account setup, online scheduling, and secure payment processing, ensuring a smooth experience for our customers.

    6. Compliance with Global Standards: Ornate Inspection maintains an unwavering commitment to meeting global regulatory and safety standards. We prioritize the safety and compliance of your products and processes throughout our inspection procedures.

    7. Speed and Flexibility: We guarantee our presence at any factory within two days of receiving an inspection order. We understand the importance of flexibility, allowing our clients to adjust or cancel orders until 4 PM (Indian time) before the scheduled inspection day.

    8. Comprehensive Inspection Reports: Our detailed inspection reports provide transparency and clarity. Approximately 80% of the inspection report is delivered on the same day as the inspection, and it includes detailed images and comprehensive information.

    Choose Ornate Inspection as your trusted partner for quality control services, benefiting from our competitive pricing, efficient processes, compliance with global standards, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to safeguarding your brand image and ensuring the highest quality standards for your products.

    Initial Production Check (IPC) Service - Ensuring Quality and Confidence in Production

    An Initial Production Check (IPC) is a crucial on-site production inspection conducted before 20% completion of any manufacturing process. This pre-production checking procedure verifies all raw materials and equipment to ensure the quality of the goods to be produced. IPC serves as a fundamental quality measurement system that ensures production stability. By opting for IPC, you can safeguard your brand's reputation and avoid potential import costs amounting to $309 USD.

    Benefits of Initial Production Check Service:

    Comprehensive Perspective: IPC allows clients to gain insights into various production parameters, including marking, materials, tooling preparation, and more. Each production stage receives focused attention, ensuring a thorough quality check.

    Detailed Inspection Report: Our inspection team prepares a comprehensive inspection report with photographic records, providing an expert orientation before the final production phase. This ensures that quality, safety, and confidence are guaranteed.

    Support and Protection for Your Brand: IPC serves as an early warning system, helping to identify and rectify production imperfections at the initial stage. This proactive approach ensures the support and protection of your brand's reputation.

    Requirements for Initial Production Check:

    Supply Chain Continuity:Conducting IPC reduces the chances of disruption in the supply chain, ensuring a steady flow of quality products.

    Meeting Quality Objectives: IPC increases your ability to fulfill quality objectives by addressing potential issues at the early stages of production.

    Supplier Readiness: IPC confirms whether the supplier is adequately prepared for the production process, minimizing delays and setbacks.

    Production Agenda Clarity: IPC provides a clear and precise perspective of the production agenda, helping you stay informed and make timely decisions.

    Identifying Quality Risks: By detecting and addressing quality risks during the initial production period, IPC reduces the chances of costly defects.

    At Ornate Inspection, we understand the significance of Initial Production Check in maintaining high-quality standards and building confidence in your products. Our expert inspection team ensures that your production process is on track, allowing you to deliver top-notch products to your customers. With our IPC service, you can rest assured that your brand's reputation is protected and that production is carried out efficiently and in compliance with the required standards.

    During Production Check (DUPRO) Service - Ensuring Quality at Every Stage

    A During Production Check (DUPRO) is a vital inspection conducted when production reaches 20% to 80% completion, and the goods are packed for delivery. This inspection method involves verifying products through random selection from the finished batch, enabling clients to assess whether the factory meets specified product standards. DUPRO also provides insights into the current production status, allowing proactive measures to avoid potential import risks amounting to $309 USD.

    Key Features of During Production Check (DUPRO) Service:

    Production Stage Assessment: DUPRO is conducted on-site, ensuring that corrective measures can be implemented at an early stage of production to avoid losses. Randomly chosen units from the ready-for-shipping batches are inspected, following globally recognized inspection methods and statistical sampling.

    Comprehensive Inspection Parameters: The inspection focuses on critical parameters, including performance, design, utility, quantity, packaging and labeling standards, workmanship, production capacity, and product diameter. Our inspection personnel recommend appropriate measures to prevent production defects.

    Timely Reporting: Providing timely inspection reports is an integral part of our DUPRO service, ensuring that clients stay informed about the production process and any potential issues.

    At Ornate Inspection, we understand the significance of quality assurance at every stage of production. Our DUPRO service empowers clients to take proactive steps to maintain product quality and adhere to the specified standards. With random sampling and thorough inspection, we help you identify and rectify any issues before they escalate, safeguarding your reputation and ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality products to your customers. Trust us to be your reliable partner in maintaining product excellence and mitigating import risks, saving both time and resources.

    Importance of During Production Check (DUPRO)

    DUPRO holds significant importance for organizations engaged in production processes. Here are some key reasons why DUPRO is essential:

  • DUPRO enables organizations to identify and address complications at an early stage of production, reducing the risk of costly defects and rework.
  • Conducting DUPRO helps production units maintain a systematic production schedule, ensuring timely delivery of products without compromising quality.
  • By conducting timely production inspections, organizations can prevent potential financial losses associated with production defects and non-conformities.
  • DUPRO assists in improving product quality by identifying and rectifying any deviations from specified standards during the production process.
  • Through on-time productivity and adherence to quality standards, DUPRO contributes to higher customer satisfaction, reinforcing the brand's reputation.

  • Procedures of During Production Check (DUPRO)

    During DUPRO, our inspection personnel thoroughly verify several factors to ensure product conformity and quality:

  • The production status is compared with the planned schedule to identify any discrepancies and take corrective actions.
  • Inspection includes evaluating the quality of both semi-finished and finished products.
  • Finished products are checked to ensure they meet the predefined specifications and requirements specified by customers.
  • The inspection includes a detailed examination of marking, packaging, and labeling of the products.
  • Important tests like adhesive and carton drop tests are performed to verify the product's durability and packaging integrity.
  • The production rate of specific products is assessed to ensure efficiency and consistency.
  • At Ornate Inspection, we take pride in conducting comprehensive DUPRO services, ensuring that your production process remains on track and meets the highest quality standards. Our expert inspection team meticulously evaluates each aspect to deliver reliable inspection reports, empowering you to make informed decisions and maintain excellence in your production operations.

    Production Monitoring Service

    What is Production Monitoring?

    Production Monitoring is a systematic approach that justifies the actions of a production unit, starting from raw material procurement to final product delivery. It involves regular on-site inspections of products to ensure compliance with customer specifications. A qualified inspection professional conducts surveys, selects random units for checking, detects and removes flawed goods, and provides daily inspection reports. This service aims to maintain production stability, enhance efficiency, and avoid potential import costs of $309 USD per day.

    The process of Product Monitoring includes daily on-site inspections of the production method. Inspection personnel thoroughly examine the factory, ensuring predefined parameters are met. Random product inspections help identify and address potential flaws. Daily inspection reports are sent to relevant professionals to manage production systematically. The service employs global statistical sampling methods for accuracy.

    Importance is placed on providing same-day inspection reports and offering online scheduling for convenience. Specific procedure reviews are vital for effective production control and loss reduction. Environmental factors, such as emission rates and pollution possibilities, are also considered for sustainable production practices.

    Aim of Product Monitoring

    The purpose of Product Monitoring is to:

  • Determine production procedure risks and minimize potential issues.
  • Verify the knowledge and experience of the organization in specific production methods.
  • Inspect and validate the usage of production equipment.
  • Evaluate the type of procedures followed and implement improvements if needed.
  • At Ornate Inspection, we offer comprehensive Production Monitoring services, helping you maintain quality, efficiency, and compliance throughout your production process. Our experienced inspection team employs advanced techniques to ensure that your production meets the highest standards and adheres to customer specifications. With daily inspection reports and online scheduling, we provide timely insights to optimize your production operations and avoid costly import risks. Trust us as your partner in ensuring the smooth and reliable execution of your production processes.

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