ETA Certification


ETA Certification shows to the world that you have attained the essential knowledge and skills to complete and better on the job. It is a widely recognized certification solution, demonstrated after international competency standards, providing both Stand-Alone certification examinations as well as Journeyman certification exams. This certification is really affordable and accessible. It is a certified technician and is professionally documented as having the knowledge and skills to encounter international de facto electronics industry standards. ETA Certification is designed for those sufficing with both multimode as well as single-mode fibers.

We are well-known service provider of Equipment Type Approval Services. The offered services are renowned by our clients for promptness, reliability and flexibility. Protection of Consumer and Environmental safety are the main purpose of ETA Certification. We render all the services as per the clients requirements, as our company is client-oriented. These services can be purchased by Ornate Quality Services at an effective cost. 

Other Details:

  • Execution within a time frame.
  • Rendered by a team of professionals.
  • Systematic performance. 

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