WPC (ETA) Approval / Registration

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled Products


Wireless Planning Coordination (WPC) is a Part of the Ministry of Communication, a National Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC Department issues (WPC) Equipment Type Approval (ETA) License (certificate) for IT and Electronic products while fulfilling the needs of the wireless technology users. Wireless and Bluetooth IT and Electronic products that run on unlicensed frequency bands and qualify human safety standards can be sold to Indian consumers only after WPC (ETA) approval.

How to do WPC (ETA) Registration in India?

As per WPC Approval Guidelines, Radio Frequency (RF) test report is required for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for verifying and ensuring that the product(s) runs in unlicensed (specified) frequency bands and qualify human safety standards. For importers, the import license is to be separately taken by the importer drew on ETA License grant letter.

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Important Information about WPC License Registration

Format Sample of WPC (ETA) License Certificate

Specimen of WPC (ETA) License Certificate
(This is just a sample of WPC (ETA) Certificate, and must not be used for any legal representation.)

images/sample-wpc-eta-license-certificate-1 images/sample-wpc-eta-license-certificate-2

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